As of April 1, 2022, SB Chocolate Ltd. is born.

The registered office is at 11 Bagetti Street 10143 in Turin, Italy.

The operational headquarters is at Via F. Gallo 19 12080 in Vicoforte CN.

Le Delizie di Silvio Bessone & Mariangela Vinai s.n.c. was originally established in Loano in 1986.

It is now located in Vicoforte, in the province of Cuneo, where the passion can also be cultivated thanks to a fantastic commercial ecosystem at the foot of the Maritime Alps range at the beginning of the Langhe Monregalesi.

It is a handicraft factory where about 10 people work on a permanent and seasonal basis.

The tasks of development and research in addition to the commercial and quality control part are entrusted to Silvio & Mery, while reliable employees control and engage in production

A group of close-knit employees are committed to making sure that cocoa enters the company still raw and after being roasted can be transformed into magnificent chocolate.

Always invaluable is the contribution of the various interns who come from all over the world and transfer upon their return the true passion absorbed by Bessone.


Currently there are only a few areas covered by our sales network, some Italian provinces and a few points in Japan, France, Switzerland, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, England, Belgium, Spain, and Austria.

We are seeking employees for areas not covered by our services and now boast over 300 direct business clients.


On these pages you can find a small representation of our more than 150 products, and you can purchase them directly through the site with a request to our e-mail.


For several years we have been directly producing all our chocolate and processing both cocoa beans and by-products such as Piedmont Hazelnuts, Sicilian Almonds, Bronte Pistachios and other fine ingredients in-house.

We are able to serve those who are looking for the best raw materials for pastry and cooking.

.LOW CARB LINE (Sugar Reduced)

For several years now, we have specialized in the production of low-sugar Artisan Chocolate. But extraordinarily good. Distributed directly and by Life 120.